New Hope. New Home. New Hustle.

We believe that Jesus is continuing His Gospel mission through His family.

The church is the family of God, not defined by primarily by individuals, locations, or events, but by people who have each been adopted into God’s family through faith in Christ, now commissioned together to honor our Father and love one another, while fulfilling our shared mission to the world around us.

As the family of God, we have a New Hope, New Home, and New Hustle.

New Hope: the Gospel

We are accepted.

The hope for man is the Gospel of Jesus Christ—His life, death, and resurrection. In Christ, we have redemption and forgiveness. In Christ, we are reconciled to God and to each other as a family. We are to “know the hope to which we have been called,” resting in a renewed purpose. Our Gospel transformation allows us to forgo vain efforts in hopeless pursuits. Our new hope allows us to pursue holistic reconciliation between God and people, people with others, and people with the world.

New Home: the church, the family of God

We are adopted.

In the Father’s love, we are adopted as sons and daughters into His family through Jesus Christ. We were dead in our trespasses, following the course of this world, living out the passions of our flesh, and carrying out the desires of our bodies. We were “children of wrath.” But God made us alive together with Christ, and we have been saved by grace, not by our own efforts. We are no longer strangers or aliens, but are members of the household of God, with Christ as the cornerstone. Through Christ’s blood, the hostility was broken down uniting us to the Father and to each other. We are a concrete presence of Christ’s body and a visual representation of God and the Gospel.

New Hustle: the mission

We are sent.

In a gift of grace, we are each made ministers and ambassadors of our new hope, the Gospel. We are to bring it to light together as we put our new home, the family of God, on display in the world. We once lived ignorant of our God-given purpose and mission, living in hopeless despair or selfish and meaningless pursuits of significance. As the gospel transforms every area of our lives and we have been given the ministry of reconciliation, the dignity of the Image of God is restored. The directionless know what they were made for. Our crooked paths are made straight. We used to live for ourselves. Now, wherever we go, whatever we do, we live for Jesus and His mission. Jesus told His disciples, “as the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” True disciples follow Jesus’ way of life and teach others to know and follow Him as well.